GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Community Commitments

The Germantown Academy Mission represents the purpose of our school. It embodies the traits we want students to possess as graduates of GA. Our Community Commitments concretely articulate how we bring the Mission to life every day. In partnership with our Equity & Inclusion Commitment, the Community Commitments define a clear set of principles to guide us on our journey.


Our Community Commitments

We the students, employees, families, alumni/ae, and trustees of Germantown Academy strive to live the mission by...

Being honorable members of our community.
—We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
—We advocate for others, even when no one is looking.
—We treat ourselves, others, and places with dignity, care, and respect.

Creating a community of engaged, empowered learners.
—We listen actively and seek to understand the perspectives and experiences of others.
—We express ourselves with humility and share ideas through open dialogue.
—We cultivate resilience, growth, and confidence to serve and lead in the world.

Building an equitable and inclusive school community.
—We nurture and value each individual to create a culture of belonging.
—We recognize and address the impact of our words and actions.
—We embrace that the path to achieve each person’s potential is unique.


Our Community Commitments
(Student-Friendly Version)

As a GA community member, I will strive to:
Be kind.
Be inclusive.
Be an active learner.
Be an upstander.
Be my best self.